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Having juiced a lot on the PURE Juicer and being the inventor/engineer, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get the most from my PURE. The following is what I have discovered is a great way to juice lemons and limes. I have found the PURE Press Bag is an ideal way to juice small citrus fruits.

Place to two lemons or four limes, partially sliced as shown below, into press bag and press. The key to this method is the partial slicing, this technique makes clean up a cinch as the fruit stays together and releases easily from the bag.

I recommend this as the best way to juice citrus fruits. This method works equally well with peeled citrus fruit. Just make sure not to slice all the way through.


Pressing Citrus

  1. Slice citrus almost all the way through. This way the pressed limes don’t clog the press cloth.
  2. Place sliced produce into press bag.
  3. Make sure produce is in the middle third of the bag with the seam facing up.
  1. Fold seam in and folds down before placing onto tray.
  2. After pressing, the pressed produce is intact with pulp still inside the skin. By leaving the produce intact clean-up is much easier 

Note: While doing the Gerson Therapy, please don’t press your citrus with the peel as it releases aromatic oils, which are to be avoided. You might want to peel your citrus fruits before pressing.

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