Cloths and Bags

PURE Juicer Press Cloths and Bags may not seem that important but we see them as another design opportunity to push the boundaries of two-stage juicing. David took his 30+ year background in textiles and designed an all-new press cloth materials.

Over time, we have been continuously refining the spec of PURE's MSHP Press cloth. Our MSHP is the first material designed specifically for the rigors of true cold press juicing.
PURE MSHP Press Cloth has the:
  • Best puck release,
  • Highest tear strength
  • Highest burst strength
  • High porosity
  • competitive price
PURE MSHP Press bags are:
  • Perfectly sized for the PURE press
  • Introducing soon a fold-flatter diagonal seam
  • Super-strong, sewn with boot-weight thread 

PURE Press Cloth Liners:
Are for extra-sticky juice pulp. Some produce like citrus and spinach is extremely sticky and binds to the press cloth. PURE press cloth liners are ideal in these cases. Every PURE juicer ships with one role of liners so you can see for yourself how well the pucks release. 




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