The Problem

The minimum daily recommendation for adults is to consume 4-5 cups of fruits and vegetables every day. Studies show the average person eats about half the suggested amount, with many adults getting only 0.9 cups of fruit and 1.4 cups of vegetables per day.

The Question

How are you consuming your nutrition? Many people turn to juicing. But most plastic convenience juicers are inefficient, have low yields, and leave behind critical enzymes your body craves.

The Solution the PURE Juicer

For every three pounds of produce, the PURE Juicer will make 1 quart (2 lbs) of juice. One quart (2 pints) of juice fulfills the recommended daily requirement. Independent laboratory testing shows the PURE Juicer extracts the most juice, with the highest nutrient density. Plus, the juice is the best tasting juice you've ever had, silky smooth, rich and creamy. The juice from the PURE Juicer is the healthiest and best juice available.

What About Fiber?

There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Juice has dissolved fiber in it, and there is benefit attached to all types of fiber. But when people say fiber, they usually mean roughage. We suggest you think of juice as a great supplement to a healthy diet with lots of fiber. Doctors, food scientists, and nutritionists tell us as little as two pints of juice a day can have a therapeutic impact on our health and is highly recommended*.

Why The PURE Juicer?

The PURE Juicer is the most efficient juicer available. It is the only juicer with an actual press to fully extract the vitality from your produce. All food-contact parts are food-safe and dishwasher safe stainless steel. No other juicer can make these claims.

How Do We Do It?

The PURE Juicer is the ONLY true two stage cold-press juicer. There is no other juicer with an actual press.

Stage 1: Our stainless steel cutter grinds the produce into a finely ground mash. This allows all the juice to be available for extraction. 

Stage 2: The PURE Juicer's food-grade stainless steel 2.5-ton press extracts all the nutrients contained in the produce.

No other company has put this much research into juicing. Many companies claim to make cold-press or two stage juicers. The PURE Juicer is the only juicer with an actual press. Those who are serious about juicing for health and nutrition choose the PURE Juicer.

* Please always consult with your physician to address specific health concerns.

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Meet the PURE Juicer

  • All of the PURE Juicer’s food contact parts are stainless steel (except the pusher).

  • On the left side is the grinder/ triturator and on the right side is the hydraulic press.

  • Many companies claim to make cold-press juicers, but none of them actually have a press.

  • A TRUE two stage juicer has a grinder and a hydraulic press, period.

Why PURE Juicer?

  • All stainless-steel, two stage, cold-press design

  • Finest cold-pressed juice

  • Maximizes yield, juice flavor, nutrients, and storage life

  • Highest yield - squeezes out every last drop

  • Multi-function juicer that creates juice, nut butters, baby food, etc

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

  • FREE U.S. Shipping (lower 48-states) on orders over $100

  • Pay Later with Financing

Meet The PURE Juicer & Our Founder

True Cold-Press Technology

Highest yIEld

More juice per pound of produce than any other juicer on the market.

12-year warranty

High-quality stainless-steel materials that stand the test of time and are backed with a 12-year warranty.

Optimum Health

Juice that floods your body with all the available nutrients, minerals, and enzymes.

Ease of Use

Thoughtful design that allows for effortless assembly, intuitive operation, and easy cleaning.

Best Value

With the highest juice yield of any juicer, over time, your juicer will pay for itself in produce savings.

Juice Quality

Enjoy the best tasting, silky smooth juice that stays fresh for up to 72 hours.