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Take your cold press juicing to a new level

Create personalized recipes to match your health goals. With ten sections and 100 unique elements, you can now make a juice for any ailment in any season that you will love. This is the only fruit and vegetable table for juicing of its kind!

The Periodic Table of Juicing was co-created by PURE Founder and CEO David Feinberg and Ilene Ruhoy, MD, Ph.D.

Dr. Ruhoy used her training in Integrative Medicine and additional training in mitochondrial and neuromuscular medicine to organize the table. She carefully assessed the primary benefits of each element and assigned them to each category.

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This table can give you tools and options to strengthen your cardiovascular system, improve the shine and texture of skin & hair, build your immune system, and many more:

Gut Health

Musculoskeletal Health

Brain Health

Sexual Health *NEW*

Cancer Prevention

Immune Health

Mental Health

Cardiovascular Health

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The Periodic Table of Juicing has 138 element tiles composed of 100 unique elements. “Within the groups are vegetables or fruits that contain at least one ingredient that has at least one known benefit for that system,” Dr. Ruhoy.

Each element of juicing includes the percent of water contained and the expected yield using a PURE Juicer. PURE Juicer has been tested and shown to yield 20-60 percent more juice from fruits and vegetables than other juicers. This table will show you the exact amount in a typical apple, celery stalk, or head of kale.

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What our community is saying about the Periodic Table of Juicing:

“NUTRITIONAL JUICING INFORMATION FOR GEEKS Just love the easy way I can find groups of veggies and fruits to suit my goals for improving my health via juicing.”

“IT’S FANTASTIC Very helpful when I want to create specific juices.”

“BRILLIANT CONCEPT! This is genius, love this product.”

From our Founder and CEO, “The Periodic Table of Juicing is for everybody, not just PURE Juicer owners (although yields only apply to PURE Juicer). I want anyone and everyone who can see a benefit from how we have organized this information to use it and be well. Our goal is for those who see it intuitively to understand how to use the content to manage their health better. My family doctor said she would give it to her patients, other friends would use it as a menu planning guide, and for most of us, a way to make the best juice, share recipes, and be part of the juicing community.”

Happy Juicing! PURE Juicer Team

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