Purchasing Internationally and shipped by PURE - what is the total cost of shipping plus import taxes?

It is now possible to calculate the exact juicer cost plus all shipping and taxes. 

To find out the cost of shipping and all import taxes before you purchase follow the below steps.
Note, no payment is required to complete this calculation. You can see the total cost on the shipping page, one page before payment is requested.

To determine the total cost of the order + shipping + duty and import taxes,
1. Cart page, place all your items in the Cart and select the Green button that says, “Checkout”. This will take you to the Address page.

2. Address page, fill in the ship-to address, local phone and email and select the Green button that says, "Continue to shipping". Note: if you are purchasing for an overseas relative we need their local cell phone #. This is very important if there is a problem and the shipper needs to contact the receiver.

3. Shipping page, you are now on the next-to-the-last page before payment and this is where the shipping, duty and taxes are shown. If the amount is acceptable and you are ready to complete your purchase, select the green button that says, "Continue to payment”.

Note. PURE uses a system with a Landed Cost Guarantee, once duty and taxes are paid on PURE's site, the amount paid is a guaranteed amount and no additional funds are required. If your local tax authority or the shipper requests an additional amount prior to delivery, please contact PURE with the details ASAP and we will take care of the rest.

Purchasing Internationally and exported by you,
If you are purchasing for friends or family and are arranging the shipping, the PURE Juicer is shipped under Harmonized Code 850940.30.