How To Assemble

How do I assemble my PURE Juicer?

The juicer comes almost fully assembled, just install the feed pan and pusher, and it's fully assembled. When disassembling, do pay special attention so you can reassemble after cleaning. You can also refer to the parts schematic on pages 14/15 of the PURE Manual to see where all the parts go.

How long does it take to assemble the PURE Juicer?

The PURE Juicer can be assembled in a minute or two. The "How to Assemble" video explains it all in a step by step fashion.

How do I attach the feed chute to the feed chute mounting hub (FCMH)?

Slide the feed tube gently over the cutter. Position the line on the feed tube plate with the line on the machine where it says, “In.” Gently turn the feed tube clockwise until you hear the click. You’re good to go!

Should I adjust the cutter screw with each use?

We preset each cutter to factory spec prior to shipment. If you feel an adjustment is required, we can teach you how, please contact, support@purejuicers.com.

Shipping Damage

What if my PURE arrives damaged?

The PURE is fully insured. Please contact, support@purejuicers.com and we will file the claim and guide you through the process of replacing a damaged part or of a damage juicer.

Keep the box and save all the foam.

The only safe way to ship the PURE Juicer is in the custom factory carton it was delivered in. If you move, sell your PURE or if service is required you will be glad you kept it. Our juicer box is designed specifically for your juicer. It keeps it safe in transport. replacement here. We strongly recommend you store your box and foam in case shipping is ever required.

What’s the best location to unpack the PURE Juicer?

Set the box in a location close to where you will position the juicer for regular use. The box is designed so that the juicer doesn't have to be lifted out of the top of the box. Please be careful!  The PURE Juicer is very heavy, approximately 64 lb. Have a helper if this is too heavy a lift.

Do I need to wash my juicer prior to use? Do I need to wash the cloths prior to use?

Best practice is to clean all machine parts with soap and water and to rinse cloths either with cold water before use.

How To Clean

How do I clean the feed chute?

Push the button on the side of the feed tube and turn it counter clockwise to remove. Then remove the grid tray and the grid. All can go in the dishwasher, or wash with soap and water.

How do I deep clean press cloth?

PURE Press Cloths Best Cleaning Practices

What’s the right way to store juice cloths?

After using, wash them thoroughly in cold water. Re-fold them following the original fold lines . Use the hydraulic press, squeeze the excess water out. Place them in a zip-lock bag and store in your freezer until the next use. Tip: if the water is pressed out before freezing the cloths are faster to defrost and easy to unfold flat for use.

Do I need to wash my juicer prior to use? Do I need to wash the cloths prior to use?

Yes all the food contact parts should be washed with soap and water: pusher feed tube, feed pan, cutter, grid tray, grids juice tray and press cloths. The cutter should be wiped dry.


How long do juice cloths last?

It’s a matter of personal preference. \Press Cloths cloths last as long as 6-12 months (approx 200 uses). 

How do I clean the feed cube?

Push the button on the side of the feed tube and turn it counter clockwise to remove. Then remove the grid tray and the grid. All can go in the dishwasher, or wash with soap and water.

Are the press cloths a natural or synthetic material, what are the made of?

The PURE Press cloths are synthetic and made from polypropylene. We have tested: silk, cotton, linen hemp and stainless steel mesh. Testing shows this provides the strongest, most porous, and least juice absorbent material possible. As soon as we locate an acceptable natural fiber we will offer it. For more information, click here.

Do I need to wash my juicer prior to use? Do I need to wash the cloths prior to use?

Yes all the food contact parts should be washed with soap and water: pusher feed tube, feed pan, cutter, grid tray, grids and juice tray. The cutter should be wiped dry.

How do clean the o-ring, and how to do I remove it?

Keep a spray bottle with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Remove the o-ring by squeezing together at 10:00 and 2:00 and stretcng the o-ring so it can be removed. Clean the groove and remove any vegetable debris. Spray the o-ring groove and the o-ring prior to reinstalling the o-ring - job done!

How long do juice cloths last?

It’s a matter of personal preference. We’ve innovated juicing cloths and our Gerson Institute approved LSHP Press Cloths should last as long as 6-12 months. Periodically soaking them overnight in a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution can extend life as well.

How to Juice

How do I prevent kick back? I’ve heard about veggies come right back out the feed housing.

Our patented feed housing is specially designed to virtually eliminate kick back. We do find with the larger#10 and #12 grids some kick back may occur. To prevent any kickback, place your hand palm down over the top of the feed tube and feed the produce between thumb and forefinger. zthos way your palm will block sny kickback, should it occur.

What size grid should I be using?

Your PURE Juicer arrives with a set of 8 grids from 2.5mm – 12mm. For juicing use the #8, #10 or #12 grid. The grid size is the hole size in mm, the #10 grid has 10mm holes in it. Below is a guide for which grid to use depending on what you are using your PURE Juicer for. In case of clogging, move up to the next grid size.

Grid #2, for coffee and fine grinding
Grid #3, for smooth nut butter, baby food and purée
Grid #4, for chunky nut butter, smooth pesto
Grid #5, for juicing berries
Grid #6, for non-fibrous produce and fibrous greens
Grid #8, for non-fibrous priduce
Grid #10, for big batch juicing and non-fibrous an fibrous produce
Grid #12, for big batch juicing and fibrous greens

The Grid gets clogged with food, what do I do?

Grids always looks clogged, so this is not a good measure. If the push-pressure is increasing, them the grid is clogged or is the pulp overheating? if so, increase the grid size, a larger grid redusces clogging and lowers pulp temperatures. We recommend have 2-3pc spare grids, if you use #10 all the time and they clog, just change the clogged one for a fresh one and keep juicing. Wash them all at once when done.

What is the best technique to operate the press? 

The PURE press is fast, 14 seconds to go up. To prevent overflow, slow the press speed when the juice flow is strongest. We call this, "feathering the press". To control the speed, point the handle to 12:00 o:clock this will stop the press. Then point the handle between 12:00-1:00 o:clock to find the best speed to run the press.

I‘ve heard something about a 10-second rule when pressing? What’s that?

Some juicers can only stay at full pressure for 10 seconds, The PURE can stay at full pressure for 10 minutes or 10 hours. We’ve designed the PURE Juicer so that is not an issue. There is no time limits.

Why does my pusher have so many scratches? is my pusher being eaten by the cutter?

The PURE pusher takes a little pactice to get used to using. While learning some people have trouble centering the pusher in the feed tube. Somtimes this causes little nicks on the edges of the pusher where the pusher touchs the inside edge on the feed tube. With a little practice this will no longer happen.

How long can juice be stored for?

Green juice, 12-24 hours, carrot, apple, and non-green juices 24-72 hours.

Why is my pulp wetter than it normally is?

If you think your pulp is damp, contact support@purejuicers and ask for, "the carrot test".

Returns and Exchange FAQ’s

Is your warranty transferable?

Yes it is! Please check our warranty under Terms of Service for details. There is a one time transferrable warranty for qualified juicers.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, we have a 30-day return policy on all juicers except Outlet Store/Tent Sale Juicers. For all Outlet Store/Tent Sale Juicers, all sales are final - no returns are accepted. On all delivered juicers a $300 cleaning and restocking fee is applied. Please read more about this in our Terms of Service. If you cancel your juicer in route of shipment, a $150 fee is applied.

How do I return my PURE Juicer?

Please contact us directly by emailing support@purejuicers.com. We’ll send you instructions on how to safely pack your PURE Juicer to prevent shipping damage en route. If you no longer have the original box and packing materials. We recommend you have the machine professionally packed and insured.

What happens if my PURE Juicer needs repairs?

Contact support@purejucers.com and we will either help diagnose and repair your juicer or bring it in for repair.

Customer Support FAQ’s

Do you offer financing?

Yes we offer PayPal, Klarna, Google and Amazon financing on our website..

Can I pay with multiple forms of payment?

Write support@purejuicers.com

Do you sell internationally?

Yes, PURE Juicers ships all over the world, and we pass along our discounted shipping rates.

VAT, Duty and Taxes,

If you are an international customer, PURE's webs adds the DT&S (cost of duty, tax and shipping) to the purchase price so no taxes are due upon delivery. If local customs requests additional delivery fees, do not pay any monies and instead please contact support@purejuicer.com, and we will resolve the issue at no cost to you.

What else should I order for international shipment?

We recomend our either our starter kit or the international kit.

If I live outside the US, can I get a machine for the voltage (and plug) in my country?

You can choose either a 120 volt juicer or a 230 volt juicer when you order.  The motor is tolerant to a range of voltages, the 120v machine will safely operate from 100-120v. The 230v will safely operate from 200-240v. Note: as of October 2019 PURE will offer country-specific cords (Type F, G & I) for international use. Cords with an IEC-15 plug are readily available on Amazon.com and other sites.Typicaly, the same cord as your computer will work on your PURE Juice. Click here for an example.

For a complete list of voltage and plug style for your country, please click here.

What are the dimensions of the PURE Juicer? How much does it weigh? Does it fit under most counter tops?

The PURE Juicer dimensions are:

15" x 15" 16 1/2" (381 mm x 381 mm x 419 mm)

The PURE Juicer weighs 65 pounds. The total weight including the box is 72 pounds.

Click here for a diagram with all dimensions.

Can I buy extra parts for my PURE Juicer?

Yes you can. We offer extra parts in our shop for you.

How should I juice fruit?

Citrus, we like to juice citrus fruits (such as lemons, limes and pineapple) on the PURE Juicers by peeling or slicing the fruit, then placing directly on the juicing cloth, and press all the juice out. No trituration required. Others like to use a citrus juicer instead. Softer fruits typically don’t require trituration. However you prefer it.

Can you set me up with a scheduled shipment of press cloth?

We’ve had a lot of requests for that and plan to offer than service in the next few months.


How often does the cutter need sharpening?

Straight Tooth Cutter #304 - 1-2 times per year depending on usage.
Serrated Tooth Cutter #440C - Once every 2-4 years depending on usage.