Price Increase on all Juicer Packages November 1st 2021.

Dear PURE Juicer Community,

After months of working to steady the rising costs, as of November 1st, 2021, PURE Juicer will need to increase the price of all juicer packages by $200. 

We worked to avoid a cost increase in 2021. We’ve monitored costs, hoping our actions could hold us until the prices steadied. Unfortunately, we have only seen a steady rise and continued shipping and supply chain issues.

Please know, we do not take this price increase lightly, and we do not anticipate another price increase for 2022. Our team believes this will continue to bring health and vibrancy to your homes while we weather the storm.

In case you are wondering:

We hope that those of you who have wanted to purchase a juicer will be able to buy it within the 30-day window and we hope all of you stay a part of our community to stay inspired with our recipes and as we uncover new health benefits of juicing.

Thank you, we are grateful for you, and as always, 
Happy Juicing!

David Feinberg
Founder & CEO, PURE Juicer