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PURE Juicer Community Spotlight

PURE Juicer Community Spotlight - Markia McClenton

Markia McClenton

Interview by Jen Longtin, PURE Juicer

PURE Juicer is proud to launch a new series spotlighting our community. They are juicers from around the world making a difference in their health and the health of others. Our hope is to post a new story every month to inspire everyone to new levels of vitality and community.

We first met Markia in 2019 through her stunning Instagram @juicedbyke and were quickly inspired by her personal story and her desire to transform lives with her juicing business. Then she posted a video from juicing entrepreneurs across the country that made us loyal to her forever! You can find the video here (click here).

A few months ago, we asked Markia if we could spotlight her story. We are so grateful she said yes and that she was more than generous with her honesty, answering a series of questions that we have posted in interview-form below. Post your comments and questions as we hope to continue the conversation.


“I grew up in the West Philadelphia section of Philadelphia. Education has always been very important to me. I earned a Master's of Multicultural Education, Certification for General and Special Education (Eastern University), School Turnaround Leaders Certificate (Harvard University), and is also a Certified Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition).

Wanting to make an impact with youth, I decided to become an educator in 2005. I work for the School District of Philadelphia and currently serve as an Administrator. Working as a principal is where my passion for juicing was birthed.

Right before turning 36, I realized that I wasn’t happy with life. Here I was, focused, educated, and career-oriented but very much unhappy. To everyone else it appeared I was living the life of my dreams but deep down I was broken and silently battled depression and anxiety. 

Wanting to better my health I began juicing. A friend had recommended me to do so. Interestingly enough, this was the same friend I encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle years prior. Through juicing, I soon realized I wasn't depressed anymore. My energy increased and I absolutely loved what I did. The more I juiced the more it took my mind off negative thoughts and ideas. I literally channeled all my feelings into creating beautiful masterpieces. My passion was infectious and many people became inspired by my story. Teaching people about juicing, health, and wellness brought me great joy. Juicing totally saved and changed my life and I wanted to touch as many people as I could.”


“I’m a lover of people, a dreamer, a doer. Once I put my mind to doing anything there’s nothing that can stop me, but God of course. I’m an avid reader because I’m a seeker of knowledge. I love to learn new things. You could literally catch me tarring a roof, painting a picture, installing a garbage disposal, drawing, or detailing my car; I simply enjoy challenging myself. I’m a true creative and lover of beauty.”


“I began juicing in 2018. I remember my grandmother having an expensive juicer and never really using it. That was my first exposure to juicing, I was about nine or ten years old. My aunt is also an educator, juicer, and entrepreneur. She always let me sample her new juices and smoothies. One day my friend’s assistant made her beet juice and she let me try some. This is what sparked my interest in juicing for myself. Never in a million years would I think that I would love beet juice; I still don't like beets but I love them juiced. I began with four signature flavors for myself. I let my friends and family try my juice and they absolutely loved them. They’d always tell me they never had any juice like mine and how great it made them feel or how they noticed their bodies healing from their ailments.”


“I feel the impact of juicing instantly; like within 5- 20 mins. Juicing reminds me of the movie Limitless. It makes me feel alive, rejuvenated, and energized. I feel clear minded and on a higher level of consciousness.”  


“My same friend (Shante) who told me to juice to better my overall health had a Health Coach named Ayeesha, who later became mine. Ayeesha said I was her most challenging client because I never applied the concepts she taught me. But later it all clicked when I was ready. Ayeesha invited me to join her and a few other ladies to Martha’s Vineyard for a holistic retreat. There, I enjoyed the experience of a lifetime. Martha’s Vineyard is truly a magical place. Ayeesha taught us how to improve our lives. I even met a few other health coaches while there. Each coach’s style was quite unique and I wanted to learn more about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as they were all IIN coaches. I wanted to learn more about the body so I could teach people from a holistic viewpoint. I mean I always did this in my profession as an educator. It felt like people would also take me seriously if I got credentials as well. Having the ability to help more people was also a huge factor for me to earn this certificate. “Health Coaches are the doctors of the future.” More and more people desire proactive methods opposed to dealing with health issues from a reactive standpoint.”

What are some ways you move people out of the common fears of juicing, to embracing this new ‘way of life’?

“I’ve found that real-time live classes and lessons have helped people realize they too can juice. I empower them and make them feel confident enough to make their own juices.”

What do your clients say they notice the most about their programs?

“My clients love that I journey with them. They feel supported from the start to end of our program. They surprise themselves as they achieve many goals of self-awareness, alignment, and weightloss.”


“My favorite juice is actually a beet blend (beet, carrot, pineapple, apple, ginger, lemon).”


“What drew me to PURE was actually another juicer. What made me love PURE was the customer service and the beauty, class and sophistication of the juicer itself. I love the shine of the juicer and how it beautifully sits on my countertop beckoning me to use it. I love how the juice runs off the mouth of the press. Then there's the taste; quality is very important to me and this is why I cold press. I even love the porous press cloths that make cold pressing a joy.


Juiced By Ke is a juicing company that specializes in 100% natural fruit and vegetable based products. Cold-pressed juices, health and wellness coaching plans, educational sessions are typical ways I help clients. You can find me on Instagram at @juicedbyke

We welcome you to follow her on Instagram @juicedbyke and if you are in the Philadelphia area, order her juice! It is a true cold-pressed juice from a PURE Juicer.

All photos are from IG: @juicedbyke.