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PURE's All New Ripstop Press Cloth

PURE's All New Ripstop Press Cloth

The new standard in press cloths . Designed for two-stage, cold-press juicing.

Article by David Feinberg, Founder & CEO of PURE Juicer 

The new PURE Ripstop Press Cloth is the strongest,

Most porous and easiest to clean press cloth ever. We have also redesigned the pattern of the PURE Press Bags so more juice can be pressed out. We took our basic weave, added a ripstop yarn once every centimeter in both the warp and the weft direction, this enabled us to increase both the tear strength and the porosity of the material.

How did we do it, how long have we been working on the new press cloth?

I have been in the textile industry for my entire 40-year career before PURE Juicer. At my last posting as design manager at a company that made boat and RV patio furniture covers. I was responsible for both patterning products as well as the quality of literally millions of yards of material purchased every year. This background informed my ability to redesign the press cloths (and bags) by optimizing the key characteristics, strength and porosity, based on the test data. For the last year, I have been working with PURE’s fabric mill on a new weave specification.

We have a new Press Bag pattern as well,

I came out of retirement and made a ‘guest appearance’ as a pattern maker and re-designed the bag pattern. This new pattern allows the bag to press flatter and extract more juice. The new press bag has instead of a vertical seam a diagonal one. When folded the diagonal seam does not stack up 3x on itself forming a tall lump. It lays across itself and lies flat! This allows the bag to press flatter and press the juice out more thoroughly.

This prior expertise in fabric and pattern development is the key to the new PURE Ripstop Press Cloth,

We have been weaving our own press cloth material since 2015. Every time the cloth is woven there is an accompanying test report. These test reports represent the “body of knowledge”, that explain the behavior of the material. There are many factors that require balancing to make the best possible press cloth. I have looked at these and analyzed them to design the optimal material for pressing juice.

The key factors are:

· High Strength

· High Porosity

· Easy puck release

· Ease of cleaning

Strength and Porosity,

PURE Ripstop Press Cloth has the highest strength of any material we have woven. It is also the lightest weight. We accomplished high strength and lightweight by adding the high strength ripstop yarns every 1cm and removing some standard yarns from in between the ripstop ones. This reduction in yarn increases the porosity. Fewer yarns equals more porosity. In fact, the new PURE Ripstop Press Cloth is twice as porous as PURE’s previous material and 4-8x more porous than any other press cloth available on the market.

Easy Puck Release,

The key to puck release is the yarn, the polypropylene yarn we use is extremely slippery like Teflon®. But unlike Teflon, it is chemical and additive-free. The easy puck release is simply a mechanical property of the slippery yarn.

Ease of Cleaning,

Increased porosity is also the key to easy cleaning pore plugging. With repeated use and over time, some organic material gets trapped in the weave. This leads to decreased porosity and the need for deep cleaning of the cloth. By increasing the porosity, the cloth is harder to plug and can now be deep cleaned with even just a cold-water scrub & rinse. This naturally cleans and restores the cloth to the as-new properties. One of our product testers cleans strictly with cold-water and loves the new material.

Food Safe,

After all the above the material was sent out to an independent lab for FDA testing to confirm that the material is food-safe. The new Ripstop Press Cloth passed the test and is free of contaminants and considered food-safe.


PURE’s new Ripstop Press Cloth is the best press cloth I have ever tested and used. I am excited for you to try it and to hear back if you like it as much as we do? Please feel free to write in with any questions you may have to support@purejuiucers.com.

Happy Juicing!

David Feinberg

Founder & CEO of PURE Juicer