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Having the premier protocol and facility in the world, for the treatment of advanced cancer and degenerative diseases using the Gerson Therapy, it is imperative that everything we use is of the highest standard of quality and functionality.
Our patients are receiving thirteen, fresh-pressed juices every day which constitutes, roughly, seventeen pounds of fresh, organic produce daily per patient!
It is absolutely necessary that we be able to extract the richest, nutrient dense juice as possible for our patients while producing the highest quantity of juice possible to help our bottom line. Furthermore, we need a juicing machine that can, day in and day out, withstand the rigorous use and activity that our treatment protocol requires.
This is why I have, specifically, chosen the PURE Juicer to be our juicer of choice at our clinic Northern Baja Gerson Center in Rosarito, Mexico.
For three years now we have exclusively used the PURE juicer at our facility and we could not be happier.
Previously, we used a similar high-end juicer and we were continually having to send it back for fundamental flaws that continually occured with standard usage.
PURE has seemed to overcome and get beyond those systematic flaws so we do not have to worry about how soon our juicer is going to breakdown from our required use.
Furthermore, what separates the PURE Juicer company from all others is their customer service. This is where it also shines. If we need maintenance, replacement pieces, etc... David and his team are right there to meet our needs with gladness and sincerity of heart; truly a PURE heart.
It is 100% the PURE juicer for us.
Dr. Patrick Vickers 
Director and Founder 
Northern Baja Gerson Center 

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