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If you are in the market for a two-stage and cold-press juicer there are really only two options.

We get asked a lot how our PURE Juicer compares to the traditional Norwalk Juicer. While to the novice they may look the same, there are actually many significant differences between them. We like to focus on just a few key features that make a big difference. The PURE's:

  • Cutter and offset feed tube are better - no pre-chopping required.
  • Cold press operates makes more juice at it's higher pressure
  • Is easier to clean and wipe down and is now $500 less than the Norwalk

We guarantee you get more juicer for your buck.
You also get more juice per squeeze, your milage may vary.

Left: Norwalk Juicer 290

Right: PURE Juicer

While both Mercedes and Chevrolet have four tires and a steering wheel they are not the same. PURE has taken two stage juicing to an all new level. 

The most obvious difference is the PURE Juicer’s modern gorgeous design with smooth rounded edges it is. countertop eye-candy in any kitchen. Design is built in, not an afterthought, you'll be glad you picked the pretty one.

Top Detail

Symmetrical or Asymmetrical?

Norwalk Juicer

The Norwalk is asymmetrical, with a slower motor, to accommodate the motor length creating a clunky design.


 PURE Juicer

PURE designed a custom motor with more power but shorter in length allowing for a smooth modern design.

Norwalk Juicer

Cluttered design, posts, screws, sheet metal overlaps and seams.


PURE Juicer

Smooth clean modern design.

A core principle of good design is “form follows function”. Good design goes beyond appearance; so the difference truly is in the details.

 Norwalk Juicer 290

The Norwalk Juicer Feed has too much offset. This requires pre-chopping. Also, the feed tube transition into the cutting chamber is not a smooth transition also making it hard to feed produce. Finally, the feed tube is a massive 4lbs.

 PURE Juicer

The PURE Juicer Feed has the perfect offset. No pre-chopping required. Also, the feed tube transition is smooth transition making it easy to feed produce. Finally, the feed tube is only 3lbs!

Best of all, the PURE Juicer’s patented twist and lock feed tube makes it very easy to take it apart for cleaning and it effortless clicks back together to make another juice. No wing nuts or screws – just an easy push of a button. Also no pre-chopping, just feed your produce straight into the PURE 8 tooth cutter.

Norwalk Juicer 290

Norwalk provides a small wrench to tighten the attachment knobs

PURE Juicer 

Patented, One-hand twist and lock attachment

Press Chamber Detail

The larger PURE press chamber with the central side post allows for easier and more comfortable access and as well as a taller a deeper press chamber to work in. there are no corner posts to block access then placing pulp packs.

It also means you can press three pulp packs instead of just two and press up to 50% more juice in one squeeze.

Norwalk Juicer 290

Think about cleaning this?

PURE Juicer

Single wipe & you are done.

PURE Cutter Detail

Easy to recognize, a significant difference is that the PURE cutter comes with eight teeth instead of five to better cut your produce, especially greens. This will enhance your juicing experience by providing a smoother, and more efficient cut.


PURE Cutters are now available in two styles:

  1. Left, #304 stainless steel straight tooth (same material as Norwalk)
  2. Right, #440C surgical grade stainless steel cutter with serrated teeth, heat treated and hardened to Rc55. Same as what is commonly used in surgeons scalpels and chefs knives. The benefit this PURE Cutter is that it rarely or never needs sharpening and if it does, send it in for free sharpening.

PURE vs. Norwalk

Left: Norwalk Juicer, five tooth cutter, #304 SS

Right:  PURE Juicer, eight tooth serrated cutter, #440C SS

Juice Tray Detail

As you can see right away, there is a big difference in size. Not only is the PURE Juicer tray deeper, 7" vs 6", but the press chamber that the pulp packs are pressed in is 1/2" taller as well.

Left: Norwalk Juicer

Right: PURE Juicer 

Press Plate Detail

PURE's is cast from stainless steel in one piece.

Norwalk's is cast aluminum plus an assortment of washers, screws and stamped steel.

Protective Bumper Detail

To prevent damage to the juicer body by the collection bowl scuffing on the front of the juicer front.

Norwalk Juicer, there is nothing to protect the juicer or your bowls.

PURE Juicer, behind the feed tube is a grey silicone bumper.

Press Handle Detail

notice how the PURE handle is built-in as part of the design, rather. than added as an afterthought?

Also notice the thickness of the base plate, the PURE is double the thickness and 8x the stiffness. The PURE Chassis is strong and does not flex.

Norwalk Juicer 290

PURE Juicer

Another example for thought-through design are the grids.

Each PURE grid is made individually (not cut from a big sheet). This process enables us to number every grid for easy identification and makes for a smooth sided shape with no sharp edges. It increases the ‘open area’ of the grid from 61% to 75% deducing clogging and allowing pulp to flow through the greg without overheating.

What this means to you is an easy to identify, user-friendly grid that requires less push force to triturate your produce.

To find out how attention to detail can make a big difference, check out our complete side-by-side comparison chart:




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