David Feinberg saw his first two-stage juicer in 1978 and embarked on a mission to design the world’s best juicer. He founded PURE Juicer in 2014 and, by 2016, was shipping PURE Juicers, mainly for people who were quite sick and needed the highest quality juice to help with their conditions. Today, PURE Juicer is finding its way into the mainstream community. We are connecting with people seeking healthier lifestyles and ways to prevent illness for themselves and their families. There are many also who simply love to create beautiful juices and food.

When not at PURE, David and his family live on a one-acre urban farm in Seattle with goats, chickens, and bees. David is an avid beekeeper who loves to share this passion for bees by teaching and mentoring other beekeepers. Read "Why we should all be drinking cold-pressed juice" by David.

What makes PURE Juicer unique?

PURE Juicer is has a stainless-steel design. The motor is powerful and barely touches the produce which prevents produce from overheating. It has more torque for higher RPM and power (1/2 horsepower). The hydraulic press applies 5,400 pounds (2.5 tons) of pressure to press every drop of juice out of the pulp; this yields more juice than any other juicer we have compared against (even commercial juicers). We consistently see a 30-50 percent higher juice yield. Our customers say so too.

The pulp-free juice is silky smooth, this matters for taste and texture, but also because the juice of this quality is most accessible to our bodies. This means our digestive system can ‘rest’ while absorbing the key nutrients and enzymes our bodies need to be strong and healthy.

There are many types of juicers, masticating juicers, slow juicers, centrifugal juicers, vertical auger juicers, and two-stage juicers. They all claim to be cold press juicers, but the PURE Juicer is the only true two-stage cold-press juicer that actually has a press. The press has been around for hundreds of years and works as well to create the best juice as it does for cold-pressed oils and apple cider.  We believe in our juicer so much that we back it with a 12-year warranty for home use.

Read this comparison study by Michael Donaldson in the Journal of Food Processing

What does our community say about why they choose PURE juicer?

  • For more energy

  • For more fruits and vegetables in their diet

  • To add more nutrition to their family’s diet

  • Because it tastes smooth & delicious

  • To manage their sweet tooth

  • To build their immune system up

  • To lose weight

  • For safer cleanses

  • For healing and prevention

  • To reduce the aches and pains of aging

  • Because the juicer is fun & beautiful

What about fiber?

We believe juicing plays an important role in supporting our immune system with nutrients (enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, etc.). It is easy to digest and easy to absorb. The body digests juice in 10-15 minutes vs. food, which takes 2-3 hours. Did you know, smoothies take longer to digest? It is because one, there is insoluble fiber in these smoothies and two, people rarely ‘chew’ them to start the digestive process in their mouths, creating a slower digestive process than eating.

PURE works with Dr. Ruhoy a board-certified neurologist and integrative medical doctor with a Ph.D. in environmental toxicology who recommends drinking juice as a way to ‘break-fast.’ To gently wake the digestive system up and feed our cells with pure nutrition. 

Dr. Ruhoy was co-editor of Integrative Neurology, an Andrew Weil, MD Integrative Medicine series published by Oxford Press in July 2020. She also co-created the Periodic table of Juicing with David, our founder.

We do not believe juicing is the cure-all. Efficient digestion and fiber are the keys to nutrition. Juicing complements a healthy diet and gives us a greater chance to meet our daily requirement of fruits and vegetables, especially for children. Juicing does not replace exercise, healthy eating, and healthy mindsets.

How long does juice last?

We say juices last up to three days when stored properly or as long as 30 days if frozen. We recommend drinking green juice within 24 hours for optimal nutrition, but other juices last longer. Frozen juice has been tested and shows it will retain about 90 percent of its nutritional profile after 30 days when frozen. A recent study concluded that PURE Juicer was the most advanced juicer on the market because of its yield and enzyme activity.

What do we do with the pulp?

The pulp from the PURE Juicer is more like paper. We typically put the pulp into compost for our gardens or worm bins. David’s goats like to eat green pulp. Some other ideas are crackers, using ginger pulp for tea, or dehydrating it into a powder. 

Unlike other juicers, PURE has extremely dry, tasteless pulp because the nutrients have all been pressed into the juice. We hope to try the pulp in bread mainly for the color, but we haven’t done it yet. David is still waiting for someone to make paper from it.

Our blog is filled with juice recipes, food recipes, and recipes created from the pulp. We love to find new ways to embrace zero waste and for our community to enjoy every ounce of their organic produce they buy.

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