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Cheryl Jones Tracy's - A Gerson Patients First Impression


Cheryl Jones Tracy is an ardent cold-pressed juicing fan and is using the Gerson Therapy for her personal health. After using the PURE Juicer she posted a review to the Gerson Therapy Support Group on Facebook, which we were allowed to reprint here.

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to meet David and his wife, and to test the PURE Juicer with both the Gerson carrot-apple juice and the green juice. We definitely want one!

At first glance, I thought it was a NW until closer examination. I didn’t measure it, but dimensions seemed the same to me. But, the housing is different. It is MUCH easier and quicker to attach and detach. No bolts and wing nuts to tighten and untighten. The cutter is different, where my NW has 5 blades machined into the cutter, the PURE Juicer has 8, but I didn’t count.

The shoot is designed differently, with a curve in it, which prevents splash-back on the ceiling. I purposely tried to splatter the ceiling with carrots! There was some spitting, but it was not much as my NW and definitely not up on the ceiling. Perhaps 5-7 chunks of carrot flew about a foot high is all that happened. So my ceiling will stay clean, yay!

This machine is built by a MAN, it is strong. When pressing the juice, there is no more counting to ten seconds because you can’t damage it by leaving the press plate in the up-position for even a whole minute or longer! It will press the maximum amount of juice for maximum produce cost savings. As a result, the pulp ‘cakes’ are drier than the NW. Drier cakes are easier to remove from the cloths. Many of the parts are built with stronger materials. There is also a protective pad on the front panel, so that the exterior will not be damaged from whatever container you set under the grinder to catch the ground up vegetables in.

The PURE Juicer is quieter than my NW, that matters to me because I am extremely noise sensitive and dread turning on my NW early in the morning, as it rattles my nerves. Also, compared to my NW 275, I did not have to use as much arm/muscle pressure to push carrots through the shoot. That’s would be of benefit for those with shoulder injuries, or a weak/ill person.

About the ground up pulp: The lower end of the housing is flared, so there is less (but still some) pulp that sticks in there. With the carrot-apple juice; it mostly fell out. More of the green juice stayed up in there, if I would not have been making these juices so quickly, given a little more time, it would have fallen out into the dish below.

Immediately after grinding, I used my finger to feel the pulp, it was cold, colder than my NW, not tepid. I brought my vegetables in a cooler with a frozen Blue Ice, straight out of my refrigerator. And they stayed completely cold during the grind.

I even did a little final clean-up on it just to try that out. It is MUCH easier to clean. The press plate is easily removable, allowing you to clean the area without having to have the machine running with the press plate in up position, like the NW.

I wish (!), but I am not getting a discount for writing this review for you guys. This is my honest story.

Cheryl Jones Tracy