*NEW* PURE Juicer - Free Plant-Based Milk Guide

This 20+ page guide with a dozen options, recipes, and health benefits.

The world of dairy-free milk options has changed dramatically in the past five years. As the demand has grown, we have seen everything from the familiar soy and rice milk to milk options like flax, nut, cashew, and almond. But with this increase in demand for store-bought convenience, we have also seen reports of contamination in some milk (lead) as well as warnings about the fillers and oils used.  

That is why PURE has put together a guide for you to make milk at home. In our opinion, store-bought milk is much like high-pressure-pasteurized (HPP) juice, meaning it’s often ultra-processed, not organic, and missing many nutrients we can get in raw form. So when we make it at home, we control the end result and reap the benefits of doing so.

In this guide, we share five common types of plant-based milk, their health benefits, and the recipes we tested in our kitchen. In addition, we share tips to use the pulp and other recipes that will wow you, your friends, and your family.

Quotes from our community:

  • “This milk takes minutes to make” - Anne

  • “The guide has re-inspired me to make my own milk” - Steve

  • “The recipes are spot on” - Tom

  • “Thanks for putting this easy-to-read guide together. I love it!" - Kim