- Good Housekeeping


- Good Housekeeping

For every person who wants the most out of life, PURE Juicer is a true cold-pressed, two-stage juicer that makes the most delicious juice you have ever tasted. The PURE Juicer delivers the highest enzyme count, the highest yield, and the most rewarding juicing experience on the market.

  • The highest yield of any juicer (up to 92%) with a high enzyme count

  • Food-safe stainless steel with a high-integrity design

  • Fast clean-up & dishwasher safe

  • Capable of making juice, nut milk & butter, frozen treats, and more.

  • You can taste the difference!

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  • Hydraulic two-stage press

  • Pure stainless steel design w/o aluminum or plastic

  • Patented feed tube

  • Powerful 8-blade cutter

  • 12-year warranty

“It’s super easy to clean and it doesn’t take long to juice at all”

Bri Lewis

“If you can call a machine sexy, then the PURE is sexy. And it makes by far the best-tasting juice."

Mimi Kirk