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The story of PURE is a story of passion, compassion and transformation.

I’m an engineer, a geek some may say. I design and build things to make people’s lives better since I was 14 and have continued now for over 40 years. 

My path as a designer and engineer has taken me from textiles, to stone, to metal. I have traveled from my mom’s Singer sewing machine to a British lathe and a Swiss milling machine. I have stood on factory floors all around this country and all over the world. Along the way I have made many friends and contacts.

The first two-stage juicer I saw was in 1978. When I began rebuilding these machines in 2011, I realized the state-of-the-art in two-stage juicing had been static for almost 50 years. I asked myself, “Could I make a better two-stage juicer?” As the PURE Juicer proves today, the answer is “Definitely yes!”.

It helped to have a “can do” attitude. The PURE Juicer has been made possible by a wonderful and incredibly talented team sharing the same passion and the willingness to jump in and help. Never before have I been involved in something where so many people have come together to contribute. I believe the reason for this is because the PURE Juicer helps people live healthier lives. Hearing the stories of so many people depending on their juices as an essential part of their healing process elevated our motivation and our professional passion. It gives us purpose.

And if that wasn’t enough, your healing stories started to change me. Your personal stories made me realize, it was time to take an honest look at my own health.

While I was not diagnosed with any condition, I had to admit that I could lose some weight, gain more energy and add more sleep to improve my personal health. So I decided to join our customers healing journey beyond just using the juicer occasionally and started to clean up my own diet. I switched to a mostly plant based diet and upped my nutritional intake with of course - more juice.

After an initial juice cleanse and detox, I am delighted to have made juicing my personal routine. Just as you are, I am well on my way to the healthiest version of myself.

I have to thank YOU for that!

This is just the beginning. We’re constantly learning and improving. PURE will evolve with you, your feedback and your stories - now my story too. I’m excited for what’s ahead of us.

Cheers to good health! 
David Feinberg, Founder & CEO