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Customer question:

“What’s all the hype about offset vs. straight feed tube? Does that really make a difference?”

 When we started designing a new juicer from scratch we looked at the key pain points for people like us who use two-stage juicers on a daily basis. Two issues kept coming up:

  • Kickback, describing produce being ricocheted back up the feed tube. A stepladder was part of the juicing equipment to wipe produce off the ceiling.
  • Tremendous heat coming from the feed tube and the cutter. People stored those parts in the freezer or ran ice cubes through the feed tube before juicing.

This was so upsetting to us that we were determined to design an easier and more efficient way to juice. We found out quickly that it takes a synergistic system, i.e. the transition between each part of the juicer and every step of the process has to be seamless in order to make the juicer easy to use and to create the very best juice with the lowest temperature pulp and with the maximum yield.

Our engineering team experimented with different designs, the geometry, and the shape. After testing many prototypes we were able to find the right balance between ease of push and low kickback by offsetting the feed tube, redirecting the flow of the produce and providing a simple, twist and lock mounting mechanism.

We had found the sweet spot!

PURE Juicer Off Set Feed Tube

  • Our patented and unique twist & lock mount allows for effortless and smooth installation and removal. No wing nuts, no screws – just an easy push of a button.
  • Our offset feed tube is the lightest in weight on the market. It covers our hardened stainless steel cutter and smoothly clicks into the twist & lock mount.
  • Our serrated cutter is enhancing your juicing experience by providing a more efficient cut. It is easy to clean and rarely or never needs sharpening.
  • The offset shape of our feed tube has just the right angle. Your produce will only go down, not up and back at you. You will never have to experiment with the way you push the produce through. We already did this for you.
  • Our innovative pusher is shaped to match the curve of our offset feed tube. This perfect match will push the produce all the way through. It is also reducing the amount of pressure needed to push the produce and lowers the temperature of the juicer and ultimately your juice.

Since the PURE Juicer came on the market others have tried unsuccessfully to copy this unique design. In terms of ease of use and quality of the juice the offset feed tube and the serrated cutter have become game changers. There’s no going back.

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