PURE Juicer Gift Card
PURE Juicer Gift Card
PURE Juicer Gift Card
PURE Juicer Gift Card
PURE Juicer Gift Card
PURE Juicer Gift Card
PURE Juicer Gift Card

PURE Juicer Gift Card

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This is a digital card with a code for your purchased amount that will be emailed to you.

For gift cards over $100, PURE will send a gift card that can be personalized and gifted to your loved ones. For all other purchases, you will receive the digital code only.

How To Clean

How do I clean the feed tube?

Push the button on the side of the feed tube and turn it counter clockwise to remove. Then remove the grid tray and the grid. All can go in the dishwasher, or wash with soap and water.

How do I deep clean press cloth?

Read the PURE manual (click here). There are tewo main methods: bleach (most effective) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Bleach does the best job but is not always an option. Mix a 3-6% solution and soak the cloths overnight then rinse thoroughly. If not satisfied, increase the solution strength and repeat.

What’s the right way to store juice cloths?

After using, wash them thoroughly in cold water. Re-fold them, "tic-tac-toe" style as if you were juicing. Using the hydraulic press, squeeze the excess water out. Place them in a zip-lock bag and store in your freezer until the next use. Tip: if the water is pressed out before freezing the cloths are faster to defrost and easy to unfold flat for use.

What’s the right way to store juice cloths?

After using, wash them thoroughly in cold water. Fold the cloth lengthwise in thirds until you have a rectangle. Take the right end of the rectangle and fold it 2/3 of the way across. Take the left end and fold it across. Now, you have a nice square. Press the excess water out, stick it in a zip-lock bag and store in your freezer.

Do I need to wash my juicer prior to use? Do I need to wash the cloths prior to use?

Yes all the food contact parts should be washed with soap and water: pusher feed tube, feed pan, cutter, grid tray, grids and juice tray. The cutter should be wiped dry.

How do clean the o-ring, and how to do I remove it?

Keep a spray bottle with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Remove the o-ring by squeezing together at 10:00 and 2:00 and stretcng the o-ring so it can be removed. Clean the groove and remove any vegetable debris. Spray the o-ring groove and the o-ring prior to reinstalling the o-ring - job done!

How long do juice cloths last?

It’s a matter of personal preference. We’ve innovated juicing cloths and our Gerson Institute approved LSHP Press Cloths should last as long as 6-12 months. Periodically soaking them overnight in a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution can extend life as well.

Returns and Exchange FAQ’s

Click Here to Read Our Terms and Conditions

Is your warranty transferable?

Yes it is! Please check our warranty under Terms of Service for details. There is a one time transferrable warranty for qualified juicers.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, we have a 10-day return policy. Cleaning and restocking fees apply. Please read more about this in our Terms of Service. If you cancel your juicer in route of shipment, a $150 fee is applied.

How do I return my PURE Juicer?

Please contact us directly by emailing support@purejuicers.com. We’ll send you instructions on how to safely pack your PURE Juicer to prevent shipping damage en route. If you no longer have the original box and packing materials. We recommend you have the machine professionally packed and insured.

What happens if my PURE Juicer needs repairs?

Contact support@purejucers.com and we will either help diagnose and repair your juicer or bring it in for repair.

Customer Support FAQ’s

Do you offer financing?

Yes we offer PayPal, Klarna, Google and Amazon financing on our website.

Can I pay with multiple forms of payment?

Write support@purejuicers.com

Do you sell internationally? And what does it cost to ship?

Yes, we can ship PURE Juicers all over the world. We pass along our discounted shipping rates, clik here for the shipping calculator.

What else should I order for international shipment?

We recomend our international kit.

If I live outside the US, can I get a machine for the voltage (and plug) in my country?

You can choose either a 120 volt juicer or a 230 volt juicer when you order.  The motor is tolerant to a range of voltages, the 120v machine will safely operate from 100-120v. The 230v will safely operate from 200-240v. Note: as of October 2019 PURE will offer country-specific cords (Type F, G & I) for international use. Cords with an IEC-15 plug are readily available on Amazon.com and other sites.Typicaly, the same cord as your computer will work on your PURE Juice. Click here for an example.

For a complete list of voltage and plug style for your country, please click here.

What are the dimensions of the PURE Juicer? How much does it weigh? Does it fit under most counter tops?

The PURE Juicer dimensions are:

15" x 15" 16 1/2" (381 mm x 381 mm x 419 mm)

The PURE Juicer weighs 65 pounds. The total weight including the box is 72 pounds.

Click here for a diagram with all dimensions.

Can I buy extra parts for my PURE Juicer?

Yes you can. We offer extra parts in our shop for you.

How should I juice fruit?

Citrus, we like to juice citrus fruits (such as lemons, limes and pineapple) on the PURE Juicers by peeling or slicing the fruit, then placing directly on the juicing cloth, and press all the juice out. No trituration required. Others like to use a citrus juicer instead. Softer fruits typically don’t require trituration. However you prefer it.

Can you set me up with a scheduled shipment of press cloth?

We’ve had a lot of requests for that and plan to offer than service in the next few months.

Where is the PURE Juicer made?

The short answer,
The PURE Juicer is made in China, with each juicer subject to a detailed final inspection by the PURE team in our Seattle facility.
The long answer,
The PURE Juicer is made in a world-class facility in China by our vendor/partner who specializes in food safe products for some of the biggest brands in the world. PURE Founder, David Feinberg, and his sourcing team have known the owner and his factory's work for over 20 years, they also visit the facility regularly to monitor all aspects of the PURE manufacturing process. Our vendor would be world-class in any country in the world. They meet all regulatory requirements making them highly-regarded for: quality, safety, and energy efficiency. PURE’s partner’s factory meets the gold standard for quality assurance, holding both an ISO 9001 PowerPoint, and ISO 14000 Download, accreditation. ISO 9001 defines an internationally recognized method of certifying production quality; ISO 14000 confirms the facility is “Green” by ISO and international standards. Our partner factory generates 9% of its power via solar, has implemented waste reduction initiatives, and has an organic farm and fishpond on the property to provide sustainable food for their communal kitchen. 
Quality is the key,
Each PURE juicer is continuously tested in production to ensure the highest level of quality. Our quality assurance team does visual inspections of all parts prior to assembly; performs multiple inspections on all of PURE’s mechanical parts; test drives the PURE’s motor for sound, voltage, EMF discharge; repeatedly tests the pump and hydraulics and as one final confirmation for mechanical quality, the machine is run at full pressure for five minutes prior to 48 hour rest and re-inspection. And to ensure it looks good on every counter, there is a final cosmetic inspection prior to packaging and shipment.
Why not build in the USA?
Because we are focused on ensuring that we can provide the best two-stage cold-pressed juicer on the market at the best possible price.  For PURE that meant find a world-class manufacturing vendor where we could oversee quality and ultimately control cost and pass those savings on to our customers. Honestly, had we started PURE Juicer 50 years ago when more inexpensive manufacturing resources were available in the USA, our juicers would say “made in the USA”, but times have changed and the USA no longer has a built-out supply chain that small businesses can tap into as start-up cost are prohibitively high. It was more important to PURE to bring the highest quality, next generation 
of true two-stage cold-press juicer to as large a market as possible helping as many people as possible find their path to health and wellness than be focused on country of origin. 
PURE is committed to continuous innovation and improvement. We believe in our PURE Juicer and stand behind every one with our 12 year transferrable warranty. We are here for you - if you have further questions please drop us a note or give us a call, we love to talk all things PURE.

What is the Yield of a PURE Juicer?

2 Gallons per hour is top speed for produce like carrots and apples. 
The PURE yield is average 65% by weight, 1000g = average 650ml juice. The overall range is 55-83% depending on the produce being juiced.
Juicy produce like watermelon will have higher yield and leafy greens like Kale a lower yield.
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This is a digital card with a code for your purchased amount that will be emailed to you.

For gift cards over $100, PURE will send a gift card that can be personalized and gifted to your loved ones. For all other purchases, you will receive the digital code only.