How to juice ginger & turmeric with a PURE juicer

Let us show you one way we juice ginger & turmeric! First, we prep the ginger & turmeric by removing any ‘old’ parts and cutting large pieces so they fit into the feed tube. We clean them in water and a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Then they are ready for the grinder.

Using a #12 grid, we grind the ginger & turmeric into a bowl or directly into a press bag or press cloth. With a 1.5 C scooper, place the mash into the center of the cloth. Fold the cloth in a tic-tac-toe style and please make sure all pulp is inside this square (it will try to sneak out if you don’t). If you use a bag, fold the stitched side so it’s on the inside.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend cleaning the grid after every 1.5 cups so it does not get stuck. If you plan to juice a lot of ginger & turmeric, check out the video where we do not use a grid at all.

We stack one to three cloths into the press chamber. We turn the press on 100% until it reaches the full cloth/bag and then slow to half the speed. We gently increase pressure ensuring the juice moves into the glass jar.

Release the press when the stream of the juice breaks. Fold the cloths or bags in half, and press again. Release the press when the stream breaks.

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