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Aleyda Hoskins Reviews The PURE Juicer


As the only licensed Gerson clinic in the Americas it is our responsibility to provide quality to our guests when they stay with us. We at Health Institute de Tijuana make juices every hour on the hour starting at breakfast time.

The juicer we use needs to be able to handle the stress of not just juicing once in a while but juicing often and in large quantities. The PURE Juicer we utilize is liked by the entire kitchen staff who say that one of the things they like most is the ease of use. There is a guide when grinding the veggies (and fruit) that makes it easy to do. The mechanism seems to be uncomplicated to take apart for cleaning post juicing. Lastly, another comment made by the staff is that the sound level is less than other juicers. This may not seem that important to people that don’t juice but when you juice every hour the sound level can be quite loud and intense but PURE is softer on the ears.

One final note is the customer service that PURE provides. In this age of companies lacking customer service it is very nice to be able to send a quick email to PURE and have them answer straight away.

We are very happy with our PURE Juicer and are grateful to have it as a primary appliance in our kitchen.

Aleyda Hoskins

Chief of Operations

Health Institute de Tijuana