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The PURE Juicer can be used to create nutritious, homemade fruit and vegetable purées.

Preparing purées for your baby, geriatric patients, as part of the Gerson Therapy,  or just because you like to create a healthy and nutritious treat – the PURE Juicer offers you an easy way to finish up your homemade goods.

Use grid #3 and your already cooked and cooled down organic ingredients.

Grind cooked apples into applesauce while filling the feed tube loosely with cooked apple chunks. Simply insert the pusher into the feed tube, turn the juicer on. Use gravity or a simple push to feed the apples through. Use a spatula to remove remaining apples in the feed tube.

You can store the applesauce in tightly sealed containers in the refrigerator.



Photo credit:  Marcus Nilsson

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