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PURE Juicer Review From Cross-Country Runner Amanda St.Clair

pure juicer review from cross-country Runner amanda st.Clair

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle has always been a big part of my life. My family is fanatic, at times, about health, fitness, and overall wellness. My mom has worked for years in the health world and my dad is an obsessive cyclist, so they’ve taught me well.

As a competitive athlete all throughout high school and now college, I want to be able to keep my edge by putting only the best in my body so I love to embrace new diets and ways of consuming the nutrients I need. That’s why I’m so excited about the PURE Juicer. It allows me to juice all of my favorite vegetables and fruits and get more juice out of them as well as more enzymes and vitamins.

My family and I have spent so much time blending and juicing over the years and what I’m excited most about is the ease of use of the PURE Juicer. It’s dishwasher safe and completely seamless making it easier to clean (less time cleaning, more time running )

Thanks PURE for pushing me towards my goal of a clean, healthy, active lifestyle.

Amanda St. Clair