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PURE Juicer Review From a Cold-Press Pro


Alyssa Jane Tanner is production manager at Juicebox in Seattle. Juicebox is an awesome juice bar and cafe serving fresh cold-pressed juices.  She recently ran the PURE Juicer through its paces and shared this review:

After a day of using the PURE juicer, I am very impressed.  For the past three years I have been juicing on other cold pressed “home” juicers 2-3 times a week for 4 hours each time at the Juicebox production site, and have created many tricks and cheats to make my days run more smoothly and efficiently. The PURE juicer practically erased the need to create tricks. I was able to grind more quickly due to the design of the cutter. I was able to press ⅓ more pulp at once due to the massive amount of space given. I wasted no time without the need to toggle the press, worry about the plate breaking after 10 seconds, or worry about juice squirting from the non-stick filter clothes.

Clean up was made easy since there are almost no seams around the pressing plate, and the curve in the feed housing made it so that there was almost no produce flying into the air no matter how fast I was moving. What was most surprising was the fact that the press is so strong that I was able to get about 20% more juice out of greens. After crunching some numbers, I have found that we would be saving 27% on produce and cutting out almost 1/4th of our production time. I am very excited to see how the rest of the juice world responds to this exciting piece of machinery.

Allya Jane Tanner
Production Manager
Juicebox Seattle