The heart of the grinder/triturator is the PURE cutter made from knife grade 440a stainless steel that has been heat-treated to stay sharp longer. The cutter is so sharp and hard that, with good care, it will stay sharp for years and possibly for the life of the machine. The cutter has been sharpened to the precise angle to triturate vegetables with the lightest push. These flow through the grid and grid tray and out the flared discharge tube at the bottom of the feed tube.

But wait there’s more! The PURE Juicer cutting blade has eight cutting teeth for over 40% more cutting edge. Faster cutting means finer pulp at lower temperatures.

Best of all, cleaning the cutter is a snap because the bore of the cutter is a thru hole and water flows right through.

The PURE Juicer Team


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    Robert Licker says:

    The juicer looks awesome , is it based on the Norwalk and retrofitted with superior parts? I ordered some parts from you already and plan on updating my 280 as needed. The cutter looks really interesting , will it be compatible with the 280 ? The offset tube is pretty slick too. Will you offer these parts individually for saleor will they only be available as part of complete unit ?
    Robert Licker

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      Rich says:

      Robert, it’s a completely new machine, with many, many new improvements in addition to the feed tube. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to our launch. Or, sign up for our email list! Thanks for your interest.


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