PURE Juicer Wood Pusher

Our goal is to offer you the best juicer so you can make the best juice – all this at an affordable price.
Our latest innovation for the PURE Juicer is our Pusher.

Everyone who has ever juiced with a two-stage juicer is familiar with the little chunks of veggies that after trituration remain in the feed tube. You only find them when you clean the tube after juicing.
This is now a thing of the past. Gone, no more, never again!

With the new PURE Pusher you will realize near perfect efficiency because we shaped the end of the pusher to push that last bit of produce through.

On top of being more efficient, we made another incredible discovery:  The shaped end of the pusher not only pushes all the produce through but also reduces the amount of pressure needed to push produce down the feed tube. And even better, it results in cooler mash and lowers the operating temperature of the juicer.

Turns out the leftover veggie bits can create a lot of friction/heat. The heat goes into the mash and not back into the motor. Not so when you use the PURE Pusher.
How cool is that? No more left over produce and lower mash and motor temps!
The black ABS food-safe pusher will automatically get delivered with every juicer purchase.
We also offering beautiful wood pushers made from birch and maple that you can purchase as an optional add-on in our PURE Shop.
The PURE Team
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    dave says:

    With the old Champion Juicer we have been limping along with, I have considered whether I could find someone locally with a lathe who could make a pusher that would curve down and around as PureJuicer pusher does. Of course, there would not be the bead/groove guide system that you devised. VERY CLEVER. We are looking forward to our machine and hope it will literally be a lifesaver for Liz.

    I have also wondered whether a hand made pusher might fill the chute better… The one we are replacing with our PureJuicer, allows too much “back flow” up the tube, around the push stick…

    MAYBE that can’t be helped!
    We are looking forward to our machine’s arrival!

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    2dawneve2 says:

    I just ordered my juicer Jan 25, 2019.
    However, I wanted a wood pusher but seen no way to make sure that it would come with the wood pusher & not the plastic one when I went to order it.
    I’m hoping to get the wood pusher with my juicer. I”m looking forward to juicing with it.
    Thank you for making a better juicer than the Norwalk, it wasn’t a hard choice after seeing all the improvements over to the Norwalk.


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