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@juicefeaster + PURE Juicer

Welcome to Brett's Exclusive PURE Bundle

Brett is on a mission to cleanse, regenerate and transform busy, motivated people with the powers of juicing, raw living foods, fitness & healthy lifestyle habits.

Combining his career background that melds chemistry, nutrition, manufacturing & entrepreneurialism with his own personal health transformation, he has an especially unique expertise & ability to help others.

He specializes in creating content that provides impactful advice and recommendations for people who want to thrive. 

Experience True Cold-Pressed Juice


Easy to Clean

PURE Juicer is made of premium stainless steel. Unlike plastic convience juicers, you can wash all parts in your dishwasher.

True Cold-Pressed Juice

You can't have cold pressed juice without a press. That's why it's called "cold pressed".

Highest Yield

No juicer on the market produces as much silky smooth juice from the same amount of produce.

Brett's Bundle

Includes a pitcher, tote, thermos, scoop, brush and scraper.

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Juicefeaster + PURE Juicer Bundle

This is Brett's PURE Bundle

You will be given Brett's favorite items. Your juicer includes a pitcher, tote, thermos, scoop, brush and scraper.

  • All stainless-steel, two stage, cold-press design

  • Maximizes yield, juice flavor, nutrients, and storage life

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

  • Highest yield - squeezes out every last drop

  • Multi-function juicer that creates juice, nut butters, baby food, etc

StraightSerratedStraight & Serrated
120V USA230V INTL Only - Do Not Order 230V for USA use
Vitality PackageGerson PackageChef Package


PURE Juicer is a true two-stage, cold-press juicer designed for optimal nutrition, absorption, and yield. Our powerful 8-blade cutter combined with a half-horse-powered motor extracts nutrients from the produce and the fiber. The hydraulic press then produces the highest yields of juice, making juicing a satisfying and rewarding experience. Our patented offset feed tube prevents the familiar mess from other juicers.

Shanique's exclusive bundle includes the following:

- PURE Vitality Juicer

- Pitcher

- Tote Bag

- Apron

- Scoop

- Brush

- Scraper



520 mm


220 mm

Bean Hopper Capacity

1.2 Kg

Burrs Material Hardened


Net Weight

9 Kg


120v or 230v


12-year residential warranty / 2-year commercial warranty.

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PURE Juicer

Plastic Convenience Juicers

Dishwasher Safe

Cold-Pressed Juicer

Makes Juice

Highest Yield

Brett's Favorite PURE Accesories

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PURE Stainless Steel Pitcher
  • 2.0L Stainless Steel Pitcher

  • 5oz juice capacity

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PURE Juicer Glass Jars Set
  • 6pc PURE 500ml

  • 17oz glass bottles

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PURE Juicer Hand Towel Set
  • 3 Towels

  • High quality fabric

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

01. Do you offer financing?

Yes we offer PayPal, Klarna, Google and Amazon financing on our website.

02. What is the yield of a PURE Juicer?

2 Gallons per hour is top speed for produce like carrots and apples.

The PURE yield is average 65% by weight, 1000g = average 650ml juice. The overall range is 55-83% depending on the produce being juiced.

Juicy produce like watermelon will have higher yield and leafy greens like Kale a lower yield.

03. What is the best technique to operate the press? 

The PURE press is fast, 14 seconds to go up. To prevent overflow, slow the press speed when the juice flow is strongest. We call this, "feathering the press". To control the speed, point the handle to 12:00 o:clock this will stop the press. Then point the handle between 12:00-1:00 o:clock to find the best speed to run the press.

04. How long can juice be stored for?

Green juice, 12-24 hours, carrot, apple, and non-green juices 24-72 hours.

05. Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, we have a 10-day return policy. Cleaning and restocking fees apply. Please read more about this in our Terms of Service. If you cancel your juicer in route of shipment, a $150 fee is applied.