If you are in the market for a two-stage and cold-press juicer there are really only two options.

We get asked a lot how our PURE Juicer compares to the traditional Norwalk Juicer. There are a few significant differences between the two. We like to like to focus on just a few key features that make a big difference. If you are looking for a detailed comparison, click on the link to our “Why PURE” page and scroll down to the side-by-side specification table.


Left: Norwalk Juicer 290
Right: PURE Juicer

Even though two-stage and cold-press juicer look similar, there are important distinguishing elements.

The most obvious difference is the PURE Juicer’s  modern industrial design with smooth rounded edges. A big appliance like this will have an impact on the appearance of your kitchen. So design should not be an afterthought.

A core principle of good design is “form follows function”. Good design goes beyond appearance; so the difference truly is in the details.

Left: Norwalk Juicer
Right: PURE Juicer

The PURE Juicer’s patented twist-lock feed tube makes it very easy to take it apart for cleaning and it effortless clicks back together to make another juice. No wing nuts or screws – just an easy push of a button.


Left: Norwalk Juicer 290 Press Chamber
Right: PURE Juicer Press Chamber

The larger PURE press chamber allows for easy and comfortable access and plenty of room for you to work with.

It also means you can press three instead of just two press cloth at a time.

Left: Norwalk Juicer 290 Cutter
Right: PURE Juicer Cutter

Easy to recognize, a significant difference is that the PURE cutter comes with eight teeth instead of five. All of the edges are serrated to better cut the produce, especially greens.

What you can’t see it that we use surgical grade 440C stainless steel that has been hardened to HRC55, which is commonly used in surgeons scalpels and chefs knives. Other two stage cutters are made from 304 SS a non-hardenable alloy commonly used for knives, forks and spoons at the dinner table.

Your benefit is that the PURE Cutter rarely or never needs sharpening. This will enhance your juicing experience by providing a smoother, and more efficient cut.

Left: Norwalk Juicer 290 Juice Tray
Right: PURE Juicer Tray

As you can see right away, there is a big difference in size. Not only is the PURE Juicer tray 14% larger, but the press chamber that the pulp packs are pressed in is taller as well.

In total there is almost 50% more volume in the PURE press chamber allowing you to process 1500 ml of pulp or slightly more than 1 liter of juice with each squeeze.




Left: Norwalk Juicer 290 Grid
Right: PURE Juicer Grid

Another example for thought-through design are the grids.

Each PURE grid is made individually (not cut from a big sheet). This process enables us to number every grid for easy identification and makes for a smooth sided shape with no sharp edges. It increases the ‘open area’ of the grid from 61% to 75%.

What this means to you is an easy to identify, user-friendly grid that requires less push force to triturate your produce.


To find out how attention to detail can make a big difference, check out the side-by-side comparison between the Norwalk Juicer and our PURE Juicer.








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