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PURE Juicer Review from a Cold-Press Pro

After a day of using the PURE juicer, I am very impressed. I was able to grind more quickly due to the design of the cutter. I was able to press ⅓ more pulp at once due to the massive amount of space given. After crunching some numbers, I have found that we would be saving 27% on produce and cutting out almost 1/4th of our production time.
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Rob Alexander's PURE Juicer Review

The good news is you're going to love it, the bad news is you will want one really badly because this one is so good. Picture driving a brand new Ferrari for an hour then going back to your own car again. From the exterior to the actual operating of the machine it is by far the best juicer I've ever used.
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Cheryl Jones Tracy's - A Gerson Patients First Impression

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to meet David and his wife, and to test the PURE Juicer with both the Gerson carrot-apple juice and the green juice. We definitely want one!
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PURE Juicer Feature - The Cutter

The heart of the grinder/triturator is the PURE cutter made from knife grade 440a stainless steel that has been heat-treated to stay sharp longer. The cutter is so sharp and hard that, with good care, it will stay sharp for years and possibly…

Product Testing - Virtually No Kickback

In the course of developing any new product there is a ton of testing.  The fun part about developing juicer machines is that we get to juice!  Untold pounds of vegetables have been juiced and consumed in pursuit of creating the finest juicer…
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What a journey!

We have worked to make the Pure Juicer superior in every way. It’s easier to use, easier to clean, stronger and better looking. When we designed the Pure Juicer we set out to design a world-class appliance. We wanted to make it as beautiful as it is functional.