Gerson Therapy PURE Juicer Blog Post - An Apple A Day

While a lot of people juice preventative for overall health benefits, others juice to heal from serious illnesses. Especially in the later case it’s essential to get access to as many nutrients as possible in order to move the toxic and depleted body into a non-toxic and rebuilding state. In order to achieve that, it’s essential to use the most efficient equipment possible.

Long before modern two-stage juicers entered the market Dr. Max Gerson (creator of the Gerson Therapy) found that:

“It is recommended that the ground pulp is mixed together first before being put into the press cloth and being pressed”. This is because Dr. Gerson found that “the malic acid (contained in the apple) mixed with the ground carrots increases the amount of minerals from the carrots.”

Dr. Max Gerson
Dr. Max Gerson“A Cancer Therapy – Results of Fifty Cases” by Max Gerson, M.D.


Kathryn Alexander states, “The addition of apples to the juices is critical. Green sour apples are the best for their high levels of malic acid and pectin. When the pulp of both the apple and the vegetable are mixed together before pressing, the malic acid solubilizes and extracts a greater nutrient value from the vegetables than could be gained from the vegetables alone. Additionally, the pectin in apples is an immune-stimulant.”

Kathryn Alexander
Kathryn Alexander“Nutritional Healing – After the Work of Dr. Max Gerson”

Our takeaway from the work of Dr. Gerson and Kathryn Alexander are the following two points:

  1. Mixing apple with carrots boosts the mineral profile. Today we know mixing apple with any vegetable boosts all nutrients above what they measure individually.
  2. Too much heat and frictional heat destroys enzymes


So let’s get to the argument of mixing pulp:

Dr. Gerson stated that a two-stage juicing process is necessary in order to get the best results from the treatment. This two-step process involved firstly grinding the fruit and vegetables, mixing the pulp together and then secondly pressing the pulp to extract the juice from it.

In our words again: It is recommended that the ground pulp of apple and vegetables is mixed together first before being put into the press cloth and being pressed in order to allow the release of additional minerals from the vegetables.

What makes the PURE Juicer so special?

Let’s do this without getting promotional:

Besides durability and ease of use the key argument for the PURE related to the background described above is enzyme preservation. The lower mash temperatures, 11C / 20F after trituration separate the PURE Juicer from every other juicer on the market today.

With the most efficient grinder and press combination juicer on the market today, the PURE Juicer provides the best yield (more juice per press) and the highest nutritional value (more nutrients and minerals per press).

The high yield will have a direct impact on your wallet because you get more out of the produce you buy and the juicer will pay for itself quickly (1-2 years for most Gerson patients).

The higher nutritional value has a dramatic impact on your health too. PURE customers report a quickening of the healing reactions soon after the switch from a one stage to a two-stage juicer.

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