"Best Cold-PRESS Juicer"

- Good Housekeeping

Why PURE Juicer?

  • All stainless-steel, two-stage, cold-press design

  • Finest cold-pressed juice

  • Maximizes juice flavor, nutrients, and shelf life

  • Higher yield - squeezes out every last drop

  • A one-of-a-kind kitchen appliance that creates juice, nut butters, baby food, & more

  • Easy to clean

  • FREE U.S. Shipping (lower 48-states) on orders over $100

  • Pay Later with Financing

Our Products

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Meet the PURE Juicer

  • All of the PURE Juicer’s food contact parts are stainless steel (except the pusher).

  • On the left side is a grinder/ triturator and on the right side is a hydraulic press.

  • Many companies claim to make cold-press or two-stage juicers but use screens instead.

  • A TRUE two-stage juicer has a grinder and a separate press - period.

Why People love Pure

True Cold-Press Technology

Thousands of years old

Highest yIEld

More juice per pound of produce than any other juicer on the market.

Built To Last

High-quality stainless-steel materials that stand the test of time and are backed with a 12-year transferable warranty.

Optimum Health

Juice that floods your body with all the available nutrients, minerals, and enzymes.

Ease of Use

Thoughtful design that allows for effortless assembly, intuitive operation, and easy cleaning.

Best Value

With the highest juice yield of any other two-stage juicer on the market, over time, your juicer will pay for itself in produce savings.

Juice Quality

Enjoy the best tasting, silky smooth juice that stays fresh for up to 72 hours.

Meet The PURE Juicer & Our Founder