Dr. Max Gerson wrote in his ground-breaking book “A Cancer Therapy – Results of Fifty Cases” that “two machines are required, a separate grinder and a separate press, for the correct preparation of the juice. These are findings of experiences over many years in which patients who used a one-unit machine had no success.”

The Gerson Institute continues to apply its founder’s rigorous standards to any juicer approved for their therapy as the result of patient treatments and recovery are dependent on the performance of the juicer.

We’ve always been convinced based on our testing data that the PURE Juicer is your best fit for the Gerson Therapy. Now, after an intensive test and review procedure, the Gerson Institute officially approved the PURE Juicer for its therapy. 

We couldn’t be prouder that our PURE Juicer has received Gerson Therapy approval. We see this as an award for all the hard work we have put in inventing, designing and building the juicer. It’s another step to enable as many people as possible in their treatment process and living a healthier life.

What makes it all so special is the fact that we are able to support you on your healing journey and we are forever grateful that we can be part of something that really matters – your life and your future.
Cheers to that!

Dr. Gerson had a few reasons for insisting on “two machines”. Besides the efficiency of two-stage juicing it’s the effectiveness or quality of the juice produced. Other than with a centrifugal or masticating juicer, which cannot mix pulp, a two-stage juicer allows the pulp to be mixed in a bowl after grinding. The reason this is so important is the release of the produce’s enzymes. When the ground-up apple is mixed with other vegetables the mineral and nutrient content is raised.

Eating an apple a day is good for your health. But juicing your apple is even better!

Dr. Max Gerson found this to be true and Kathryn Alexander states, “The addition of apples to the juices is critical. Green sour apples are the best for their high levels of malic acid and pectin. When the pulp of both the apple and the vegetable are mixed together before pressing, the malic acid solubilizes and extracts a greater nutrient value from the vegetables than could be gained from the vegetables alone. Additionally, the pectin in apples is an immune-stimulant.”
“Nutritional Healing – After the Work of Dr. Max Gerson” by Kathryn Alexander

We at PURE Juicer are committed to provide you the best juicer along with up to date juice relevant information and the science to back it up. Of course, we had to put this statement to the test. We provided Amtest Laboratory with samples of pure carrot and apple juice, as well as combined carrot/apple juice to compare the nutritional value of them.

The test results confirm Dr. Max Gerson’s and Kathryn Alexander’s statements as the PURE Juicer produced juice with a rate of nutrients over 10% higher than conventional juicers.

We are able to offer you the best two-stage and cold-pressed juicer on the market to support you on your Gerson Therapy Healing Journey.

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Enjoy the healthiest and best tasting juice – now with the official seal of approval!

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