In the course of developing any new product there is a ton of testing.  The fun part about developing juicer machines is that we get to juice!  Untold pounds of vegetables have been juiced and consumed in pursuit of creating the finest juicer on the planet.

Mainly we’ve used carrots. Lots and lots and lots of carrots.  In cold pressed juicing, carrots are the acid test.  Drop a carrot down the feed housing, and if it isn’t designed just right, chunks of carrot come flying back out.  Like fireworks exploding into the air.  It’s quite a sight, the “orange volcano”.

That’s why we spent so much time designing the feed tube on the PURE Juicer.  Trying to figure out how to largely eliminate that issue.  We’ve talked to hundreds of people over the course of developing our the PURE Juicer, what they like and don’t like.  What works and doesn’t work. Just about everybody agrees:  having to live in fear that whatever goes down the feed housing could come flying back out the top is a lot of stress and many people give up on two-stage juicing because of it.

We’re really happy with the final design of our PURE feet tube.  We’re especially excited about all the various innovations we designed into it.  We’ve practically thrown carrots down the housing and filmed it in super slow motion to see what would happen. We haven’t completely fixed the problem – a few little chunks do come back out.  But folks that have tried our prototypes universally agree that it’s just a pleasure to juice.  No fear! Just pure joy!

The PURE Juicer Team

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  1. Tony
    Tony says:

    I must say that this juicer is a beast! I use this juicer for my healthy fast food establishment and it keeps up with the pace and the customers love the juice. We get more juice from the pulp than other juicers I have tried. The nut butter is excellent as well. This is a very versatile and well built machine. This is one of the best pieces of equipment in the kitchen!


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